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Moonlight On Crystal Lake Giclee on Canvas or Matte Paper
Stalking On 82nd Street
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My giclees are oil based high end pigments sprayed onto either canvas or matte paper... taking days to dry... that's why they look so good with colors that match ideally to the original. Choose the canvas giclee in the size of the original painting for a perfect replica, and all of my giclees must get my final stamp of approval before I ship!
All giclees come with a Certificate Of Authenticity which can be personalized by Adrienne King. Enter your personalization information in the box provided when adding the giclee to your cart.

Certificate of Authenticity
We uncovered some unsold Giclees, get them while you can. VERY limited!
Look for the limited stock medallion.

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CAMPFIRE - Giclee on Canvas or Matte Paper
Alice In Canoe Giclee on Canvas or Matte Paper