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Special Announcements

Two New Convention Apprearances added for "Mad Monster "! One in Charlotte NC, and the other in Pheonix AZ! (Click Here for More)

New Page "a fond Betsy memory..." (Click Here for to remember Betsy with me)
Now at REDBOX "All American Bully" Watch it Now (Click Here for more)   (Rent it Now-Click Here)

New Varietal "CHILLER WHITE!" plus FREE 5X7 offer! PRE-Order NOW (Click Here for More)

New 8x10 "Jason Attacking Alice in Canoe" Just $19.80 - Get one Now
New Painting "Chiller White". Own the original oil on canvas I painted for the "Chiller White" wine label. (Click Here)

Click Here For More Info

Start off 2016 with a Gift for Yourself! Mix and Match with any varietals such as our New "Chiller White", "Midnight Merlot", "Moonlight Chardonnay", "Survivor Syrah" and "Cabin A Sauvignon"! with a free 5x7 for a extended for a very  limited time!

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The Perfect Gift to warm your Valentine's heart! But order Now!
MAD MONSTER PARTY In Charlotte NC, March 25th through March 27th (Click Here for More Info)
MAD MONSTER Arizona In Pheonix AZ, May 13th through May 15th 2016 (Click Here for More Info)