1. The Maestro (part 1) "20x24" $1,200
2. The Five Tenors (part 2) 20"x24" $1,200
3. El Fin Del Mundo (part 1 & 2) $2,300
Basking In The Blues 24"x30" $2,600
Cabin on Applegate River 11"x14" $625
Hearts of the Amazon 16"x20" $775
Mother May Eye 23"x35" $1,210
Pandemonium 16"x20" $1,300
Pursey 20"x24" $485
Smoldering Path 36"x48" $1,800
Smoke on the Water 12x16 $980 (15.5x19.5frame incl)natural lit
Smoke on the Water 12x16 $980 (15.5x19.5frame incl)halogen lit
Triffids 16"x20" $685
Tuxedo Junction 16"x20" $950
Winters Melt 11"x14" $625
Pheonix Soaring "Available in October"
Bloody Hell 16"x20" SOLD
Camp Crystal lake 16"x20" SOLD
Stalking On 82nd st. 16"x20" SOLD
The Root Cellar 11x14 SOLD
Post Jason 20"x24" SOLD
Survivor's Eye large 20"x24" SOLD
Survivor's Eye small 11"x14" SOLD
Across The Lake - SOLD
Alice's Dream - SOLD
Alice In Canoe - SOLD
Antibes - SOLD
Bonechiller 2012 - SOLD
Bouncer - SOLD
Hand Out - SOLD
Jason in Potting Shed - SOLD
Mad Dash (Hellacious) - SOLD
Misty Moonlighting - SOLD
Skullandia - SOLD
Moonlit Dreams (Available Soon)
Chiller White (Available Soon)