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Friday The 13th – Limited Edition Poster
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Friday the 13th "13 Notes" - Limited Edition Poster
16" x 20"

The story behind my limited edition Friday the 13th Poster

   So after the whole “stalker thing” I threw everything from the movie into a box & taped it up & forgot about it for a very long time! Lo & behold some decades later, when we moved & I had my own art studio I finally opened up my old & dusty Friday the 13th box!
   OMG! It was a treasure trove of F13 memorabilia: including 30 or so “continuity” Polaroids that were taken while filming & newspaper reviews, all which are now posted on this site.
   So there was all my turquoise jewelry, my F13 script, sketch book, the cowboy boots, my jeans AND inside my jeans pocket were Sean Cunningham’s original hand-written notes (coffee stains & all) from the night we shot the infamous fight scene on the beach which concludes with Mrs. V’s decapitation! What an incredible find!!
   I remember Sean tossing the notes into the trash as the sun was dawning & my grabbing them out! I think it was just to prove to myself what we’d all gone through (it was an intense all-nighter) because at that point we didn’t even know if we were going to have enough money to finish the movie. You have to remember, the first F13 was an independent.
   So I designed a poster for Sean & myself which I called the “Ballet of the Machete”. Sean thought it was the coolest thing especially when you see how many numbered notes he wrote : “13”!!!! … a total fluke!
It’s the only piece of Friday the 13th art that Sean has hanging in his home or office.
   It was at this time that we realized the fans would appreciate this as well & could follow along as the director & Tom Savini actually visualized & shot the scene that very night under the full moon at Camp Crystal Lake. I also made it a limited edition of 1300; signed & numbered & stamped with my art stamp on the back of the poster so that it’s something a little more special & collectible.
   Especially now on blu-ray, the feedback from the fans has been awesome: they freeze-frame throughout the scene & follow along with the 13 director’s notes! Let me know what you think!

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Blood, Death & Wine – Limited Edition Poster
Blood, Death & Wine - Limited Edition Poster
16" x 20"

The story behind my limited edition Blood, Death & Wine Poster

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