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Happy Campers - Polaroid Series 1
Alice & Mrs. V - Polaroid Series 2
Soul Survivor - Polaroid Series 3

Reflections - Polaroid Series 4

Take a look, Campers!

My webmaster, Curtis, and I have created a very special Friday the 13th Polaroid Series as a big thanks to you! Crystal Lake Wines will be celebrating its 7th Harvest  this Autumn thanks to your loyal support , wonderful taste & fabulous word-of-mouth!

These Polaroids are from my personal collection taken in the Fall of 1979. I saved these from the trash can while we were filming Friday the 13th on location at Camp Crystal Lake (aka Camp NoBeBoSco: North Bergen Boy Scouts) in Blairstown, New Jersey.  Thereís one from Oyster Bay, Long Island (1980) where I grew up, too.

Thereís four (4) fabulous Friday the 13th themed 8x10ís of 3 Polaroids each in this collectable Series set against  the backdrop of your welcoming Camp Crystal Lake Sign:
Series 1: Happy Campers
Series 2: Alice & Mrs. V
Series 3: Survivor
Series 4: Reflections

Iíve told the story many times that F13 was such a low budget film that I, as an artist (just like Alice) collected everything that I thought might be usable to create a collage as a keepsake & reminder of my time shooting  F13 at the Lake.. in case we never finished our independent  horror movie.

Needless to say, there was no need for that collage as Friday the 13th emerged as the biggest grosser that Paramount Studios (domestic release)  & Warners Bros. (world-wide) had in 1980.  So, I tossed everything Iíd collected on set & everything F13-related into a box: my Polaroids, coffee-stained Directorís notes from the machete ballet on the beach with Mrs. V., my original script (which I still own; so donít be fooled on Ebay), my turquoise jewelry & my bloodstone ring that my Grandmother gave me for good luck  (I wear it to conventions) & my cowboy boots! That dusty box remained sealed until we moved to Oregon wine country in 2005!
Thatís when I thought weíd retired & I would just paint in my StudioÖ not so fast Counselor!

.. thatís when the F13 Bible: Crystal Lake Memories by Peter Bracke came out & I wasĒ resurrected from the deadĒ by all my Campers.. who were now old enough to write, direct, produce, attend conventions & drink  fine wine!  Thatís also when we became wine club members at Valley View Winery & got to know the Wisnovsky family & John Guererro , the winemaker there since 1985. Heís a graduate of UC Davis; the Harvard of wine-making!!  A few years later, after getting to know each other & pick up our wines every few monthsÖ they divulged that they were Friday the 13th fans & invited me to join their family. NO kidding! So I ran the Tasting Room for a year & thatís how Crystal Lake Wines began..So, Iíve never been busier in my lifeÖ  all thanks again to you loving our wines!

Crystal Lake Wines has also been appeared at  8 weddings & counting, so many bachelor gifts,  hundreds of Birthdays, Motherís Day celebrations, F13 & Halloween festivities & some wonderful conventions! I call Friday the 13th; the gift that keeps on giving. Itís such a feeling of artistic accomplishment to see my character Alice & my artwork having adorned every bottle.

It has been my pleasure & my passion to sign & hand-wrap every single Crystal Lake Wine bottle that you order.* Itís especially noteworthy that Valley View Winery, the oldest & finest family-owned Winery in S.O., my partners in crime & wine, have been so successful with Crystal Lake Wines that we havenít had to spend a penny in advertising to keep things flowing nicely. We donít want CLW to get too big.  Iím a little OCD that way. I handle every order because I know how important it is to YOU! 

We have a Crystal Lake Winery corner in the tasting room that celebrates Friday the 13th: my paintings of labels, Camp memorabelia, gifts, Jason masks, beautiful engraved glasses plus so much more youíll be interested in seeing. If you e-mail me and Iím in town I will happily meet you at the Winery in Jacksonvilleís Applegate Valley & pour you a tasting & share stories & sign your wine bottles as we enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Thatís seven wonderful years of my being able to share Southern Oregon finest wines with you! Itís been such a joyous journey and I look forward to meeting you & sharing more delicious varietals as the incredible journey continues.

Adrienne King
Your favorite Counselor & Wine Gal,

I will autograph all bottles and 8x10's.. unless you ask me not to sign them.. itís all up to you!
e-mail me: awinegirl@hotmail.com to visit Crystal Lake Wines @ Valley View Winery
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