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Friday the 13th Script – Limited Edition Copy of Adrienne’s Original Script
This is why I am making my script available to my Campers.... Round 2 by popular demand!

So, after corresponding with a Facebook buddy from the UK (M.) last Summer I came to realize that a Company by the name of Royal Books in Baltimore was selling & misrepresenting a copy of my personal Friday the 13th script (1979) as an original. FYI: I still have in MY possession my original Friday the 13th script. I brought it to Camp Blood (aka Camp NoBeBosCo) on April 13th 2018 for the Camp Tours brought to you by the Boy Scouts of Bergen County New Jersey . (That is my picture at camp with my script on the order page.)

AS you can see below in my conversations with M.:

Hello Adrienne
Hope you are well.
Just had a question about the script below that is being sold on a script website for $4500.
I'm interested in buying it but just want to make sure first that it is definitely your script, it has your signature as you can see ,and that it was definitely used by you on set .
Many thanks Adrienne . M.

(sure enough it was a photo of my script but I still have my original personal Friday the 13th script!!)

M. checked with Royal Books and got back to me:

Hello Adrienne
Received a reply from Royal. Books to say after some research they think it is a copy but get this :
They will still sell it at *$4,500 because its sighned by Sean Cunningham .!
And would I like 20%off the script as I pointed it out to them.
No mention on there site description of the script that it is a copy. M.

Well this sure seems like Royal Books of Baltimore is trying to take advantage of my Campers!

So….I’ve decided to create a limited first edition of 50 of my scripts. They will look and feel just like mine signed, numbered & including a signed & numbered Certificate of Authenticity.
Adrienne King
Your 1st Final Girl!