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Family potrait
Gabby's Wish Poster
Josephine & Angela pray
Manning delivers invitation to Angela
The family dinner
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Complete Synopsis

From writer/director Hollie Olson comes GABBY'S WISH, starring Catherine Johnson (Pathfinders, Purple Mind) as Gabby, a woman who married wealthy and traveled the world losing touch with her family. Now in her 50's, Gabby finds herself widowed and dying of cancer with no children of her own. To find the proper heir to her estate, Gabby must attempt to become reacquainted with her realtives. With the help of her trusted personal assistant Manning, played by Jonathan McGinley (Cupid, TNT's Leverage) Gabby invites them all for a three day weekend at her estate to conduct interviews with each one and catch up on the lost years. Among her adult nieces and nephews are her older brother Casey, played by Daniel Knight (To Kill and Irishman, NBC's Grimm), a blue collar business owner, and Casey's sons: Ralph, an auto mechanic like his father; Henry serving in Afghanistan; and Gary, who wants to be a doctor. Also along for the weekend are Gabby's two sisters: Angela, a self-righteous bible-thumper, played by Adrienne King (Friday the 13th, The Butterfly Room); and Elle, played by award winning actress, Marcella Laasch (Crimps, Pageant Girl) a divorcee who still carries a broken heart over her cheating husband, and wraps her life around her 19 year son, Parker, who unexpectedly finds himself witnessing his lonely mother's flirtation with one of his cousin Gary's friends. The situation is complicated by Angela's daughters: Poi, played by Alicia Rose (The Innocent, American Disciples), a lesbian who has brought along her life-partner, Anne; and Josephine, who shares Angela's resentment towards Poi's lifestyle.

Surrounded by relatives who have all lost touch with her and each other, Gabby becomes the eye of an unsettled storm as she holds interviews with each of them to learn about the years lost and to determine who should inherit her fortune. Manning finds himself in the awkward position of dealing with the rest of the family as they fight through unresolved issues, and keeping an eye on Heather, Gary's money hungry, self-proclaimed fiancée.

"Gabby's Wish" is a character driven story with a true life sense of humor that is both funny and touching. As the people they are today unfold before her, who will she choose?