I did something pretty cool last Friday!

I did something pretty cool last Friday!

I hope you had a safe, satisfying & fun Friday the 13th.  I sure did!

I had the privilege of being the Guest Lecturer at the University of Virginia's Film Studies Class with Professor Matt Marshall and his 50+ students via ZOOM this past Friday the 13th. I have to tell you it was rather intimidating at first when all those Postage Stamp-sized young faces began popping up on my computer screen!

Fortunately, my internet held up as the a winter storm was bearing down on Southern Oregon. Here I was about to ZOOM with this new generation of Friday the 13th Campers who grew up on our "now" cult classic movie.

So, we got into the questions & answers immediately and before I knew it 90 minutes had blown by. It still amazes me to think that our little Friday the 13th is studied as part of film curriculum in many Colleges and Universities.  I mean, after all, we are talking about a little low-budget indie horror film that most major film critics agreed in 1980 would die a very quick death!

And yet here we are 40 years later, discussing Friday the 13th's longevity and bloody brilliance!

I would say that our favorite film is the ultimate survivor. Wouldn't you?

And why? Because of you. The fans. You hold the power. Don't ever forget that!

See you back at Camp,



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