Happy Holidays Campers! Merry Christmas to YOU!!!

Happy Holidays Campers! Merry Christmas to YOU!!!

I want to wish you the best possible Holiday during these trying Pandemic times.  I think the Holidays might be the toughest time of the year for most people; remembering happier times when we could gather together to celebrate, missing the ones we've loved & lost along the way and just wishing you could feel the joy of Holidays past... safely.

So it's up to us to get creative & figure out how to feel that Christmas spirit.. the Holiday spirit that might be eluding us this Season... but without pressure & anxiety. 

I think through kindness. Little things go so far with most people. Perhaps a phone call to a friend you haven't heard from in awhile. Maybe a hand written card to a relative. 

My best advice actually comes from my grandmother, Maggie Sweeney, God rest her soul, who survived the 1918 Pandemic, the Depression and many other tough times with dignity, working & raising a family against all odds.  Whenever I felt down or sad she'd insist: "Get Up! Get out!! You'll feel better!"  Even when I didn't feel like getting out of bed... depressed about something that I can't even remember anymore. 

But her advice, albeit simple was sage. Especially if you can get out into Nature...talk a safe, slow walk in the Park & embrace the fresh air... it really does works... for me. Maybe for you too.  You count your blessings & reflect on all the goodness that is still surrounding us. You focus on the beauty of the woods, trees, clouds, getting out of your own head.

And we persevere. And we endure. And we will get through this together. WE will survive.

SO on that note I wish you a safe and Happy Holiday & a much better New Year in 2021. Hopefully, if we all do our part , we'll be able to gather together soon!!!







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