CHEERS to a Safe & Happy Summer, Campers!

CHEERS to a Safe & Happy Summer, Campers!

Hey Camper!

Happy Summer Solstice! 

I hope you are staying safe & strong. I'm excited to be on the move again now that I am fully vaccinated.

I just finished an interview for a writer in Brazil. I thought this was an interesting question so I'm sharing my answer with my non-Brazilian fans here.


Many love making favorite movie lists. In order not to make you list several films, so instead tell us what is the most important film of your life.


The most important film in my life would have to be Friday the 13th.
This movie has woven itself into the tapestry of my life.

Whether I chose that or not; did not matter. What did matter is that I chose to embrace that tapestry & figure out how I could make it mine, my own, so that I might be able to achieve a life of joy, happiness, creativity, harmony & peace within my soul & being.

I wake up every morning with gratitude that I survived the real stalking trauma that followed me after Friday the 13th was released in 1980.
Forty + years later I am surrounded by love and nature blessed with a wonderful husband & marriage of 33 years and continue to live my life on my own terms. And I have three generations of Friday the 13th fans around the World who still want to engage with me! How extraordinary is that!
I just completed a fan-tastic new film as soon as I was vaccinated! I can’t mention the details now so check back soon!
And something new & Very exciting, I just finished narrating my first audio book too! I will be posting about that VERY SOON! I can't wait for everyone to listen to this one!!! Extraordinary!

Here's a review that should give you & all my Campers an insight into this bloody brilliant audiobook by one of my favorite horror authors!!! :“Summer Reads Guaranteed to Make Your Heart Thump and Your Skin Crawl”.



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  • Peter Said

    I cannot wait to read/listen to your audiobook!! Sounds amazing!!!!

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