My Richard and George Romero

George Romero -

My Richard and George Romero

Richard & I had the best Christmas with Family in Denver over the Holidays!

Did you know that my husband of 36 years was Founder & President of United Film Distribution. His first film out of college was Kentucky Fried Movie that he made with the Zucker Brothers & John Landis. KFM became a cult film success when he initially released the film in eight theatres in the New York area. This became the beginning of his career in U.S distribution also including international distribution.

Richard/ United Film Distribution financed many of George Romero's films including DAWN of the DEAD, DAY of the DEAD, KNIGHTRIDERS and CREEPSHOW! 

George & Richard became great friends. I didn't meet Richard until 1986 but I met George earlier while he was casting CREEPSHOW! I made it to the final cut for the FATHERS DAY story. Alas, he hugged me & told me he loved my work in Friday the 13th but felt I was too young for this particular role.

Later when Richard introduced me to George at the opening night party for MONKEY SHINES we reminisced and quickly became dear friends. He was my big Teddy Bear. He was taken from us all way too soon.

CHEERS to George Romero! We miss you madly! You'll be in our hearts & on our screens forever!



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