Since you asked.... More about my "Friday 13" script!

Since you asked.... More about my "Friday 13" script!

Hello Adrienne,

I received my order of the autographed F13th script today...thanks so much for sending it so fast!!!! I have one quesion... I am curious if my copy is a misprint or if I'm overlooking something: the ending is missing from the script?  The last page is Page 82 and at the bottom it says "CUT TO:" but that's the very end.  Is Page 82 the last page in the script or is something missing? Thanks so much for your help & All The Best!!!! Kev

Thank you for bringing this up Kev. I should have realized that there might be questions regarding why my final  shooting script ends on Page 82 with   “Mommy…” instead of: “then he’s still there….”  Here is the background on that:

My original “Friday 13” script is the final filming script that the cast received before arriving on set at Camp NoBeBoSco way back in 1979.

During the first two weeks of filming, director Sean Cunningham realized we needed another fun scene for character bonding & story development hence the strip monopoly scene was added by Victor Miller while we were at camp.

The same happened after the last scene when my character Alice was pulled underneath the water by the boy Jason.

Originally, that is where Friday the 13th ended; on Page 82 with Jason calling out “Mommy”. The audience would have been left wondering.

However, after seeing the dailies & the incredible scare we had filmed at Camp on that last chilly morning of shooting (Friday the 12th of October 1979) Sean quickly realized he just couldn’t end the movie there!

The surprise “ending” with Jason attacking Alice in the canoe that  #TeamFriday13 captured & we’d delivered on film was so extraordinary that it deserved the epilogue scene in the hospital that laid the groundwork for a sequel.

So, at this point, Friday the 13th was still a work in progress.

2 weeks later, according to my 1979 date book, I took a train from Grand Central Station to Westport, Connecticut & then grabbed a cab to our new location to film the hospital scene. Remember, this was a very low budget movie.

I’m sure there must’ve been a shooting page for that last scene & those iconic words “then he’s still there…” however I don’t remember receiving one… One thing for sure though that last hospital scene was never in the original script.

As you read my “Friday 13” original script you realize how much of this movie included improv dialogue by our bloody brilliant actors.

I hope that this information helps clarify any concerns and explains the history of my original “Friday 13” script and filming of our Crystal Lake Camp experience.

I hope you enjoy and come to treasure your Friday the 13th script the way I have after 41 years. 

Stay safe! Stay strong!

See you back at Camp!










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