Adrienne King

Final Girls Glow 18” x 24” original oil on canvas

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Limited Edition giclee are available on archival paper & canvas.

I was inspired to create Final Girls Glow after returning home from my 3rd extraordinary weekend at the actual Camp Crystal Lake aka Camp NoBeBoSco (North Bergen Boy Scouts) in Blairstown, New Jersey back in 2019.

I was on such a natural high, just "glowing" for days after meeting so many of you, my fabulous Happy Campers at the Boy Scout Camp where the original Friday the 13th was filmed in 1979. The energy was incredible! 

We shared so many hugs, laughs, & stories! The scenery was exquisite.

Then I found this fantastic photo that my friend, Peter from Australia, took- colored of the Lake on his second trip to Camp. It had parfait -colored skies. reflecting in the Crystal Lake waters. I had to paint this Sunset for all to share. Thank you Peter. xoxo

If you want more info on the Camp Tours go to: