Crystal Lake Wines are BACK! They can be purchased from our sister website at Valley View Winery.   

Our temperatures here in Southern Oregon have finally cooled to where we're able to safely ship out most of your Crystal Lake Wine orders! There are a few exceptions including orders to some of Southern California, Arizona & Texas; we are constantly monitoring your temperatures across the country as well as ours.

Wine explodes if temperatures are too hot or too cold. We do everything possible to provide safe conditions for our fine wines to travel. CHEERS to your patience & understanding. Stay cool!

VISIT and PURCHASE CRYSTAL LAKE WINES on the Valley View Winery Page

 Let the taste of Crystal Lake Wine take you back... Back to where it all began...

Enjoy all 6 of our current varietals; 

  1. Moonlit Chardonnay
  2. Voorhees Vengeance Viognier
  3. Chiller White
  4. Campfire Pinot Noir
  5. Cabin A Sauvignon
  6. Survivor's Syrah

      Plus enjoy our 4 bottle, 6 bottle and 12 bottle Variety packs. 

      The Buttons below will take you to the Valley View Winery Website where you will need to order your Crystal Lake Wine selection separate from any of your purchases. Thank you for shopping and Crystal Lake Wines.