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Thank you for browsing my Original Art Gallery.

I was blessed with two intertwined passions growing up in New York : acting & fine arts!

My paintings are my children, a piece of me. Sometimes, my therapy as well as my reward. It takes me a bit of time to part with each finished canvas but it is necessary in order to create new paintings. 

My hope is to share my Sanctuary bringing you into my extraordinary world of canvas & paint. Slowly but surely I will be adding more paintings from my collection to this page.

As a very young actress I would sketch or paint "plein air" on the extraordinary film locations during our set-up or down times.  Some of my earliest memories were at Central Park, Sculpture Gardens at MOMA, Coney Island and West Point Academy. Everyone was always so kind and generous with their art reviews and I would then bestow my works upon set admirers after we rapped. I gained confidence in my art at an early age. A true blessing.

I was accepted to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in NYC in fine arts & was immersed in all aspects of the arts including theatrical! In between classes I would run off to auditions. If I booked a job I’d have to miss a class!

It caught up with me when my Art Professor called me into a meeting. “You really don’t want to be a starving artist & a starving actress, do you? You must choose one & be fabulous! At least for now. You can’t possibly excel in fine arts when you’re distracted by this other business of yours (he meant my acting;)

I explained that I couldn’t choose. I loved painting.. I thrived on creating.. but I loved to act, too. When I wasn’t doing one I was most likely doing the other.. or at least pursuing it!

But now… it seems I had to choose.

Since my very kind & wise educator assured me that I was indeed blessed with a natural ability to paint & sculpt, he suggested that I might consider putting my “fine arts” on hold while I pursued my acting during the day especially since I seemed to be on a “roll”. I felt my “art” would always be within me & that I could call “it” up at will. So acting it was & it was really going to be “fabulous”! Then something happened that changed everything!

After the success of Friday the 13th and throughout the filming of Friday the 13th Part II, I was pursued by a stalker. In the early ‘80’s, stalking was not considered a crime and therefore was not taken seriously by the authorities. This terrifying ordeal went on for close to a year before the situation was alleviated. Ironically, I was living a nightmare that was more horrifying than anything I’d witnessed on the big screen.

I retreated into my painting for therapy. My paintings became very dark and isolated; very much paralleled to my frame of mind. My art saved me.

Oil painting was put on the back burner for decades until my husband & I “retired” to Southern Oregon over 15 years ago.

The Pandemic has given me the gift of time to focus on my artwork.

Now I am entrenched in the wonders and beauty of nature which surrounds me every moment. So, come with me.  Stop and feel. 

It’s so exciting for me to have happy campers all around the World collecting my paintings now.

Blessed & grateful!


I enjoy Plein-Air Painting. Here I am overlooking our property in Southern Oregon painting our beautiful surroundings by the river. Specifically, our Madrone trees.

Madrones twist and turn into the most amazing natural sculptures. Their bark peels into the most exquisite design patterns & colors. I feel them to be sensual to the touch & yes, I do hug these particular trees for their incredible soothing energy.

Biologists say that trees are social beings and I certainly feel that energy as I meander through our woods & the forest behind us. Trees can count, learn and remember. They nurse sick members, warn each other of danger by sending electrical signals across a fungal network & for reasons unknown, keep ancient stumps of long felled companions alive for centuries, by feeding them a sugary solution through their roots. We should all be more like trees.