Nick Walker

Camp Crystal Lake Sign Life Size Replica. (Please note that this item can not be personalized or autographed by Adrienne king)

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Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake… Literally!

For the first time, Enjoy your very own full scale Camp Crystal Lake Sign. (Great for Outdoor or Indoor use) Create the perfect Friday the 13th experience in your own cabin or back yard! Creating the perfect backdrop for sipping Crystal Lake Wine by the fire. 

The artist, Nicholas Walker, hand paints his interpretation of every detail of the original sign based on actual photography and years of research. 

Each sign is custom made in the USA, and ships anywhere in the continental US (e.g. excludes Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii). Includes FREE shipping via USPS.

We only have a few in stock that can ship right away! So order yours now to avoid a back order.

The sign measures approximately 48 inches by 48 inches and weighs approximately 35 pounds. It is made from 3/4 inch plywood, painted front and back using oil based exterior paint. Various paints used for decorative parts. (Mounting holes or hardware not included).

These signs are custom made and are considered “One of a kind” art, signed on the back by the artist. Color will vary depending on the device and screen on which it is being viewed. The actual color best represents the color of the original sign. The signs are not painted by Adrienne King, and are not autographed by her. They will be signed and dated on the back by the artist, Nicholas Walker.

This product is not returnable.