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I created this FINE WINES CLUB Patch inspired by my Moonlit Chardonnay painting. This is also the artwork on the label for my favorite white varietal; Moonlit Chardonnay! 

This is the first in a series which I plan to create for my Crystal Lake Campers! 

Crystal Lake Wines will be relaunching this Spring so be on the lookout! soon... and the first 50 orders will receive this fab PATCH FREE with your Crystal Lake Wine order. 

This will be the 11th year of our successful Crystal Lake fine Wines brand all thanks to your fabulous taste, reviews, requests &  the enormous enjoyment factor of our delicious Southern Oregon Wines! 

By the way, you may notice that my hair is past my shoulders! I think this may be the longest my hair has been since the 80's! And I found my natural color!  Pandemic hair resulted in pretty hair. Who knew!!!


Your Wine Counselor,



btw: no personalization is possible on this patch. However, I include a personalized CAMP postcard with a message from me just for YOU! Enjoy!