Adrienne King

Mrs. Voorhees Back at Camp Crystal Lake

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This PAINTING has just been adopted & no longer for sale.

My original oil Painting of Mrs. Voorhees sipping her wine on a fine afternoon at Camp Crystal Lake. It's my story and this is a scene from the good times at Camp before Pamela became overwhelmed with life's challenges and lost her head.

My Paintings are like my children. At some point you have to let go & send them out in the World. I finally decided I had to let this original go to create another painting with Betsy in mind.

I had fun with this painting seeing how many "V's" I could hide within the strokes & shades... there's also a  large"13" of ripples on the Lake.

This oil painting is 16" x 20" on professional artists canvas.

This painting is also available as a limited edition giclee.